What We Do

Whether we’re journeying with you for a month or a year, you can count on You Who to support you in one or more of these three domains:

There are the haves and have-nots when it comes to organisations. Some have incredible leaders, fantastic teams, and inspiring strategies and culture. They’re the ones that are often known for it, sometimes even famous for it. They’re certainly successful because of it.

But there are many other organisations with leaders and teams that are struggling, and with broken strategies and cultures. Sadly, they’re often known for it too and they’re certainly missing success because of it.

So, where are your leaders and organisation at right now?

Flying or floundering?  Somewhere in between?  Wherever you’re at, we’re ready to support your desire to improve.  We know that every organisation, leader and leadership team are different, so our approach will always be tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Authentic Leaders:

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching with our ICF trained coaches
  • CEO mentoring from seasoned CEO’s
  • Psychometric Assessments (including Gallop CliftonStrengths, Birkman Method & DiSC)
  • 360-degree leadership reviews
  • ‘Leader as Coach’ leader training program
  • Leadership training workshops
  • Executive / Next Level / Emerging Leader Development Programs
  • CEO & Executive Readiness Development Programs

Flourishing Teams:

  • Leadership team support, training and coaching
  • Team workshops, retreats and team building experiences
  • Team training with You Who’s ‘Flourishing Teams’
    model for high performing teams
  • Team assessments, analysis & workshops (including StrengthsFinder, the Birkman Method & DiSC)
  • Building psychologically safe, self-managing teams
  • Culture audits & engagement surveys
  • Development of culture & engagement plans
  • Training for building & maintaining a healthy culture

Distinctive Strategy: 

  • Strategic planning process design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Strategy workshops – Board, Executives, Leadership and staff
  • Creating strategy artefacts
  • Strategy communication, story telling & engagement
  • Annual and quarterly planning facilitation
  • Measuring and monitoring strategy
  • Creating and embedding values